Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Junior Deacons

This page will also be devoted to updating information concerning the Junior Deacons of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church.

The Junior Deacons have discipleship as their mission focus. Pastor Bilberry and his Deacons train young men for spiritual leadership in the church and to progress them toward spiritual maturity. These young men are effectively being groomed for full deaconship when they reach the proper age.

Junior Deacons range in age from 12 to 25 years. Their training duties include participation in at least two Mount Pilgrim projects each year, such as food distribution, neighborhood clean-up, etc.; visiting the sick and shut-in at home and in the hospitals; overseeing offering collection on Youth Sundays; and observing and assisting as needed in the Lord's Supper to sick and shut-in members.

These young men must make certain commitments to remain in the Junior Deacon program.
• Regular attendance and participation in church services
• Higher Ground Fellowship (Sunday School) attendance

• Regular financial contributions to support church programs